Rebranding EMES

After the analysis stage, we detected the need to initiate a global change in the communication strategy of this organisation. Beginning with the redesign of the brand, we constructed a new identity, consistent with the stage of change and growth that the organisation was entering at that time.

A full brand architecture was developed as part of the strategic planning process. The results were 4 clearly differentiated work areas in addition to the general brand. Individual sub-brands were created based on the umbrella brand, each of them with its own colour.


EMES website

Parallel to the redesign of its visual identity, EMES redesigned and launched a new website that will accompany the network and its members over the next number of years.


New website structure:

What does EMES do?
Dynamic content: research projects, events, publications and training.

Who is EMES?
Descriptive content about the organisation that provides credibility to its activities.

The two most important new features included a member’s only area to accompany the new membership strategy and the possibility of making donations when downloading publications.

Visual design


Year: 2013 > 2019

Client: EMES International Research Network asbl

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