The Challenge

Our studio was presented with the exciting task of overhauling a leading corporate blog, aimed at reflecting a modern and approachable vision.

The main objective of the renewal of Ferrovial’s Blog was to design a blog that transcended the limits of traditional corporate communication towards a more personal and approachable territory.

To achieve this, it was crucial to highlight the people who bring Ferrovial to life: the authors. With a great diversity of voices, the blog celebrates the wealth of perspectives they offer. Each author shares their unique vision, experiences, and knowledge, building a more human discourse that reflects the plurality and depth of the Ferrovial community.



We rolled out a UX strategy focused on intuitive navigation, underpinned by an information architecture that eases access and interaction with varied content across devices.


Visual Design

The design encourages interaction and increases user engagement with the content.



Features that enhance the user experience and an interface optimized for smooth navigation on mobile devices, thus addressing the increase in their usage.

Recognizing the importance of the stories behind each project and achievement, the blog has become a space where the value of people is as prominent as corporate values, underlining the importance of addressing topics of social relevance.

The goal has been clear: to transform the blog into a place where readers find not only relevant information about the industry and projects but also inspiration in their stories.

Ejemplos de pantallas del blog visto en dispositivo móvil.

UX Strategy

We implemented a clear navigation structure and an information architecture that prioritizes accessibility and easy interaction across multiple devices. The user experience was designed to be intuitive, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore a variety of content. The focus was on crafting an engaging user experience adaptable to a wide array of multimedia content.

Diseño de pantallas del blog de Ferrovial para tablets

Visual Design

We embraced a clean design approach, using a color scheme and typography that enhance clarity and readability. Every element was carefully chosen to ensure a visually appealing presentation that encourages participation and extended readership.



The outcome was a rejuvenated online space that not only improved visual aesthetics but also significantly enhanced user interaction, achieving a stronger and more compelling online presence.


Year: 2022

Client: Ferrovial

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