Annual Report 2018

In 2018, Elastic faced the challenge of redesigning Ferrovial’s integrated annual report, its most important tool for transparency. Our main goal was to enhance the user experience by developing a broad and comprehensible web framework that simplified the exploration of Ferrovial’s comprehensive annual data


The Challenge

The challenge was to design a framework not only to effectively serve the 2018 annual report, establishing a scalable standard, but also to be maintained for the 2019 and 2020 reports, ensuring consistency and smooth evolution.

Visual Design

The design’s graphic proposal aimed to metaphorically represent the construction of roads and infrastructure. Inspired by metro systems, we utilized lines and connection points to visually guide the user through the content. This approach allowed for the seamless integration of corporate typography and visual concepts from the physical report into the online version.

Vistas del informe de ferrovial 2018 en dispositivos móviles


The redesign resulted in a more intuitive online report, which improved the way users interact with information by making it more accessible, appealing, and easy to navigate, ensuring nothing was missed.

Vistas del informe de ferrovial 2018 en tablets

Annual Report 2019

Building on the solid foundation established in 2018 and focused on lightening the visual load to facilitate content management by administrators, we redesigned the index module on the Home page. The main and secondary menus, distributive pages, and other graphic elements were also redesigned, preserving the report’s cohesive visual narrative.

Annual Report 2019


Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2020


As Ferrovial’s content continually evolves, the report was enhanced with new sections, interactive tools, animated infographics and much more, all of which required a review of the content architecture and navigation system. Our solution focused on creating a seamless and accessible user experience, ensuring that expanding information was intuitively available to users.


Year: 2018-2020

Client: Ferrovial

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