The Challenge

Redesign and optimize the content management of and, two websites belonging the Economy and Competitiveness Ministry. These websites are dedicated to promoting Spanish design on an international level.

The documentation generated during the project development was delivered in 4 blocks. These deliverables are used to guide the client how to keep an efficient evolution of websites.

Information architecture

Upon noting many similarities in the content categorization of both sites, we focused on the unification and simplification of the information architecture. The aim was to provide a better user experience, optimizing the content management and adding new functionalities.


Defining the new navigation structure and customer support to validate the new architecture. The wireframes the were developed allowed the customer to visualise the improvements and new utilities, which in turn facilitates the creation of new content.


Visual design

The purpose of the visual design was to maintain unity and a common visual language between the two sites, while still expressing the essential differences of each identity. A style guide with all components and design modules which will allow continued growth of the new design phase beyond the end of the project.


Year: 2014


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