The challenge

The online environment for the pharmaceutical sector represents a stage full of opportunities but also high risks. Our goal has been to move the brand values and the excellence in service of Jiménez Pharmacy to the web channel. We participate in business strategy, and we give support to trace the road map of the e-commerce platform evolution.


We design and develop user-centric.

We created Personas, hypothetical archetypes of actual users to generate empathy and focus the development not only in technical grounds but also emotions.

By understanding the user experience as a global exercise, we have managed to establish strategies which guarantee continuous improvement.

User-centric, on all channels and touchpoints.

We monitor, measure and act according to the indicators that each channel provides us.

The correct interpretation of these indicators at each stage of the service has allowed us to minimise risks and maximise opportunities while maintaining a model of sustainable and steady growth.

Information architecture and wireframes

Visual design

The aim of the visual design was to convince the user that he is in a real and trusted place; that is run by genuinel and professional pharmacists. Aside froms the photographic direction, we created a style guide which ensures that we maintain a cohesive, stable visual language that conveys a true sense of professionalism.


Analytics & Feedback

Setting proper criteria for measuring and understanding the data has been a constant exercise from the day that the site was launched. The results of each report have been translated into reinforcement actions to maximise opportunities, focused on satisfying the user’s needs.

Homepage heat map analysis – new responsive version
Session Monitoring and Recording
Checkout funnel analysis
Checkout funnel analytics

Year: 2013 – 2015

Client: Juan José Jiménez

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